We are the Leaders in Business Process Outsourcing

We delivering quality BPO services to client across the globe which serves both International and Domestic Clients. Besides being a Business Process Outsourcing Company, It is a 100% Export Oriented Unit affiliated under most of the Business Process Outsourcing parks of India. TEKZEM with a team of young and energetic engineers who aims to conquer the world with it's technical training, services and support. We do a great and well equiped service to all the customers in both Domestic and International range.

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The positive gains are translated for the organization which enhancing organizational effectiveness. It improves work quality and helping the organization to retain high-quality employees. Owing the opportunities for the employee's will help in their growth and development which expands their skills and knowledge. Skills and experience will increase employee's motivation and job satisfaction. Organizations can improve the quality of their employee by providing opportunities, growth and development which realize the benefits of the workers and their full potential.

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Our mission is to mark our footprints in the international global market as a valuable total solution-providers, and to meet the client’s expectations at all levels. We do put client’s interest first for our priority and do what is right in our beief than what is convenient for us in their view. That’s the reason why we are not just a vendor to tthe clients but a partner to who wants to achieve growth by helping our clients grow by using us in the right way.



The need for flexibility of workspace and work management, improvement in productivity and legal compliance at the workplace is more needful than before. To help Corporates meet this demand, we offer them the right solution which almost covers every aspect of HR needs right from recruitment to exit modalities and product dealing which leads them to Success with the correct resources and troops.

E-PUB (Electronic-Publishing)

TEKZEM is one of the professional and reputed e-publishing service company in India which is performing well for a while. We have a dedicated team of e-publishing specialists who makes sure that your projects get done well and the do deliver you the project on the right time. We would also do the sample works to show our quality and commitment to the beloved customers for their satisfaction.


TEKZEM, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company leads the specializing on Forwarding and Logistics industry in the right way in our BPO resources. Employee's were aware of increasing efficiency in forwarding & Logistics companies will reduce overhead and increase Profitability in revenue areas.


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Editorial Services

TEKZEM is the pioneers in Editing service company in India, with the a research and learning publishers in the globe with best employees supporting a wide range of editing processes.

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Artwork / Illustartion

TEKZEM provides artwork, illustration service. With good employees with an industry experience, we provide high-end artwork products, marketing and advertising agencies in a wide range.

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TEKZEM's data conversion team can convert any type of data including catalogs, financial statements, periodicals, books and reports, etc into a structured desired format.

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Process Management

TEKZEM provides project management for your publishing from Author to Input Quality Check, Project Analysis, and many others and ends at final delivery as Print ready PDF.

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Typesetting Services

TEKZEM has been at the forefront of typesetting services. We provide complete range of publishing services like Page Composition, Template Design, Proof Reading and Graphic Designing.

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Immigration Services

Immigration rules are increasingly complex and an arduous process. A necessary part relocation abroad every employees will require work permits, visas and residence permits.

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Legal and Management

A team of able lawyers offering a comprehensive set of services that are designed to assist in your immigration.

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TEKZEM provides support to prospective and current international students with education visas. We have a dedicated team of International Student Advisers who help you until are with us.